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Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a blood thinner that’s used to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in people who have an artificial heart valve or mitral valve prolapse.

what is xarelto 15mg used for

Xarelto 15mg is an anticoagulant or blood thinner medication. Xarelto is used to reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack in people with a history of blocked arteries in the leg (peripheral artery disease) and in those who have had a stent placed in their coronary arteries (angioplasty). When taken every day it helps blood clot less, which helps stop further strokes or heart attacks.”

side effects of xarelto 15mg

The common side effects of Xarelto include bleeding, bleeding from the nose or gums, diarrhea, and skin rashes. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience chest pain or difficulty breathing, a sudden change in vision or eyesight, severe headache with numbness of an arm or leg, feeling lightheaded and fainting, fever with chills.

can you drink milk with xarelto 15mg

Drinking milk while on Xarelto is not contraindicated, but taking the medication with dairy products should be done with some caution. While there are no direct interactions between the anticoagulant and milk, it is possible that taking xarelto might reduce blood clotting (especially if you’re taking it without food), which could make your body less able to prevent internal bleeding caused by white blood cells attacking foreign bodies like milk proteins in your small intestines.


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xarelto 15mg
xarelto 15mg
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