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The medication is only for people who have so much pain that they are willing to give up activities and like in your case do not get any good nights sleep at all. If a person can use this medication, they should be able to go back to their normal activities. I hope this answer helped you out. If you need more information, please let me know. Good luck!

can i take 10mg of oxycodone?

Yes, you can take 10mg of oxycodone, and yes that dose would be considered therapeutic. At that dose, you won’t feel your pain being relieved as much due to the level of tolerance you’ve developed over time.

is 10mg of oxycodone a lot?

10mg of Oxycodone could be a lot depending on your tolerance. Some people think that 10mg is nothing, while others would be able to get high off of even less.

can you snort oxycodone 10mg?

Yes, you can snort oxycodone 10/325. Snorting gives you a quicker high by delivering the medication to your bloodstream more quickly than swallowing it. However, it can be addictive and not as effective as taking orally on an empty stomach.


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