what is pomalidomide?

Imnovid (Pomalidomide) is the first and only medicine proven to treat people with a certain type of cancer. It contains the active ingredient Vidaza, which belongs to a group called antimetabolites. This medicine works by stopping the growth of abnormal cells by blocking an enzyme (or proteins) in your body that enzymes use to grow new cells. This helps slow or stop the disease from getting worse.

what is pomalidomide used for

Imnovid (Pomalidomide) is used to treat people with multiple myeloma, a type of cancer in the blood or bone marrow that causes the body to make too many white blood cells. It is also used for treating polycythemia vera (PCV), a condition that causes an excess of red blood cells, which can lead to blood clots.

pomalidomide side effects

The most common side effects of imnovid (Pomalidomide) include headache, skin rash, and fever. Other, less common but more serious side effects may include bleeding problems, nerve damage, swelling in the legs or feet and allergic reactions. In some people, pomalidomide causes skin cancer.


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Imnovid (Pomalidomide)
Imnovid (Pomalidomide)

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