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Diazepam is a benzodiazepine that is used to treat anxiety and other disorders. The drug may also be used to control convulsions or seizures, induce sleep and prevent nausea or vomiting. You may need a lower dose if you are taking other medications, or if you are elderly, debilitated, pregnant or breastfeeding

how long does 10mg diazepam last?

The length of time it takes for  diazepam 10mg to wear off is determined by the amount of body fat in your system. When you ingest diazepam, it converts into its active form, known as desmethyldiazepam, so has effects similar to Valium and Ativan but at a shorter duration. A 10mg dose of diazepam takes around an hour and a half to fully absorb into your bloodstream.

what does 10mg diazepam feel like?

diazepam 10mg could definitely bring on some sleepiness and relief from anxiety. This can happen in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on how quickly your body absorbs the medication.

is 10mg diazepam strong?

diazepam 10 is a high dose and can be used as a long-term treatment for insomnia. Some people, who are not very sensitive to all drugs, also use this dose to deal with anxiety or quickly alleviate anxiety symptoms. It is important to note that for some people, 10mg diazepam may not be enough for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

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