what is aranesp

Aranesp is the brand name for aranesp. Also known as darbepoetin alfa. It’s a form of epoetin alpha, a hormone that creates red blood cells and increases oxygen in the blood.

what is aranesp used for

Darbepoetin alfa is used to treat anemia caused by chronic kidney failure. It works by increasing the number of red blood cells in your body, which increases the amount of oxygen that your body can carry to its tissues. It should not be used for routine treatment of anemia unless you have chronic kidney failure and your doctor recommends it.

does medicare cover aranesp injections

Aranesp injections are covered under Medicare Part B. This means Medicare will cover up to 80% of the cost of your medication, and you will be responsible for 20%. If you have any other insurance, such as Medigap or a prescription drug plan, you may still be responsible for paying for some of the cost of this prescription.

how does aranesp work

Darbepoetin alfa works by replacing red blood cells that are lost in your body. It is a man-made protein called an “erythropoietin” (EPO) that is made in a laboratory. It works primarily by stimulating red blood cell production. Red blood cells are the cells in your blood that carry oxygen from your lungs to other parts of your body via the bloodstream.


25mcg, 40mcg, 60mcg, 100mcg


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Aranesp (Darbepoetin Alfa)
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