what is avonex ?

Avonex (plegridy) is an interferon beta-1a that is used to treat multiple sclerosis. Avonex’s safety and efficacy in pediatric patients younger than 18 years has not been evaluated by clinical trials.

how does avonex work

Avonex is made of interferon beta-1a, a type of medicine called an injectable that’s used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS). Interferons are cytokines or proteins circulating in the blood that play an important role in the immune system. They can be produced naturally by your body (autoproducing) or supplied in the form of medicine.

what is avonex used for

Avonex is a disease-modifying therapy to slow the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS). plegridy is not a cure but helps to reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms. It also causes fewer side effects than other medications used in treating MS

does plegridy cause weight gain,

plegridy may cause changes in your body weight. The most common side effect is weight gain, which is especially likely to happen when used together with interferon beta-1a injections or other medications to treat other inflammatory diseases.

does avonex suppress the immune system
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